LOGOMAT e-Cart conveyor
Self driven pallet for assembly and test automation The

Safety First

Performance Level D. Safety bumpers in the direction of travel. Active braking in case of power or e-stop. Electronically scalable torque limitations. Safe input for safety components of tooling or for operator activated stop on tooling.

Save Energy

80% energy savings compared to conveyors with passive pallets. High efficiency through extremely low rolling resistance of driven wheels. E-Cart pallets only consume energy when they are actually driving.

Save operation costs

The conveyor track without moving mechanical parts is maintenance free. Permanent power supply by busbar - no costs for batteries and recharging times. Less programming by integrated smart modul controls in track rotate and shuttle..

“the system concept”

Even when carrying heavy loads or travelling at high speeds, the E-CART offers safety features such as active braking in an emergency with minimal braking distance, unlimited accumulation without building up any pressure, and automatic powering-down when approaching an obstacle. Any number of pallets be accumulated without any back pressure.

“power for driven tooling”

While the E-CART System is typically utilized for heavy parts up o 1350 kg with automated tooling and fixtures such as axle finishing and heavy-duty transmission, it is also perfect for use in the production of seats or complete battery assemblies. 48 V for driven tooling are available at every point of the line.

“walkable tracks”

The passive conveyor track has no moving parts. . The walkable version is only as high as an average step with its 220 mm top of the tracks. It is completly walkable - the operator can feely walk around the workpiece to have unlimited access from every side. The e-Carts will automatically be stopped before touching an operator.
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