LOGO!MAT´s characteristics LOGO!MAT provides palletized conveyors to connect several processing station for pallet loads up to 1.350 kg and for different pallet sizes. Two different concepts are provided: driven roller conveyors with passive pallets and electrically driven pallets moving on passive tracks.
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The active conveyor track is powered by driven rollers. Each pallet is passive and driven by conveyor track. Our roller conveyor series have consistently proven themselves in the field for over 30 years. They offer outstanding dependability with greatest low costs of ownership. Utilize the LOGO!MAT friction roller conveyors in your next automated production line and benefit from the great performance and the stability
The passive conveyor track does not have any drive motor or moving parts. Each active pallet is powered by an electric motor. The newest technologies, smartly adapted to the growing demands of highly dynamic assembly automation bundled up with lowest costs of ownership but highest performance and flexibility, that is the LOGO!MAT eCART system.
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