LOGO!MAT roller conveyor
Driven roller conveyor for assembly and test automation.
A conveyor system does not only include a conveyor. Together with the appropriate, standardized functional elements, a complete system is created. LOGO!MAT provides suitable function elements for every task. This includes elements for changing direction, such as corner, diverter, track rotate, elevator, shuttle as well as elements for stopping and positioning the pallet.
Our modular assembly conveyor systems are based on standard mechanical and electrical components and can be combined with all customized possibilities. LOGO!MAT-roller conveyors are popular and known for its high availability, low maintenance requirements, unsurpassed reliability and long life within the production environment.
LOGO!MAT is like an assembly conveyor kit, a versatile and very flexible system for conveying pallets and parts of various weights and width. The unique flexible design characteristics combined with standardized components allow for almost all conceivable track arrangements and the ability to easily modify them afterwards.
The LOGO!MAT Friction Roller- Series are proven and reliable transport systems in assembly and testing automation. These systems feature everything you would expect from a modular, robust and field-proven conveyor in your production. Standardized, well designed and optimized components for almost all requirements are already part of the different series. Stations can position your product with different precision levels. Track components lead your part highly efficient from station to station and allow for all possible pallet flows.
Our roller conveyors are sure to win-over not only its operators, but also your planning and maintenance personnel. The highly flexible and well-engineered design makes it very easy to plan with, maintain and service your conveyance system. Extensions, rebuilds, updates or modifications can be easily implemented at any time to utilize the conveyors for a very long time. The LOGO!MAT friction roller conveyors are impervious to oily conditions, heavy dirt, grime, and other production environment factors. .
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LOGO!MAT Roller-Series

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